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Sample Social Media Posts


  • Do you want to support vulnerable families during this health crisis? You can, beginning on March 25 at #FPEmergencyRelief #COVID19

  • Community can exist despite social distancing. Join the #FPEmergencyRelief fundraiser and support vulnerable families. Learn more at #COVID19

  • We’re in the middle of a health crisis. Will you join us to support vulnerable families? #FPEmergencyRelief #COVID19

  • It’s time to show support for the most vulnerable. Help us raise money for housing-insecure families. #FPEmergencyRelief #COVID19

  • We’re launching our #FPEmergencyRelief fundraiser March 25- April 1. Join the conversation by following @fpnational. #COVID19

  • A little can go a long way when we get together and give together from March 25- April 1 during #FPEmergencyRelief. Join the movement. #COVID19

  • So many things have been suspended, but homelessness hasn’t. Support vulnerable families at #FPEmergencyRelief #COVID19

  • How are you supposed to self-isolate when you don’t have a home? Help support vulnerable families at #FPEmergencyRelief #COVID19


  • Save the date: #FPEmergencyRelief begins on March 25. Join us to support vulnerable families during this health crisis. Visit to find out more. #COVID19

  • The real success of #FPEmergencyRelief will not just be how much money we raise, but the tremendous impact those dollars will have on vulnerable families. Join the giving on March 25 at #COVID19

  • March 25- April 1 will be a groundbreaking week. You can learn more about the #FPEmergencyRelief fundraiser and support our campaign at [link to your profile page]. #FPEmergencyRelief #COVID19

  • Let’s prove that community can exist despite social distancing. Beginning on March 25, help us raise money for #FPEmergencyRelief. Vulnerable families need our help. #COVID19